Driving licence B (Passenger cars)


Driving licence group B (Passenger cars): max. car weight 3,5 tons, max. 8 passengers + driver (or with a trailer up to 750 kg). ISP course (individual stud. plan).

  • Theory: 11 hours 
  • Practice: 28 hours driving + 2 hours lessons of car maintenance + 4 hours of first AID

* 1 teaching hour is 45 minutes

Final exam: 

  • Test (25 questions / 30 minutes) 
  • Driving exam - min. 30 minutes

Final exam will be with certified translator.


  • minimum age 18 years
  • valid medical fitness confirmation (medical form below)
  • permanent or temporary residency in the Czech Republic or studying in the Czech Republic for at least 185 days
  • not being under a sanction or penalty of prohibition to drive
  • not being a holder of a driver’s licence from another EU country


Download the application + medical form and fill them out. You’ll need to visit your general practitioner with the medical form.

Do yo need help? Do you have questions? Contact us.

E-mail: info@autoskolarenko.cz


Dostupnost V tuto chvíli máme plnou kapacitu. Zavolejte nám a domluvíme možný začátek.
30 000 Kč / ks

Why is the course more expensise than in Czech language?

-  certified translator

- separete lessons